Royal Aero Club

I picked up some great leads at a half-day conference yesterday at the University of Westminster: Up in the Air -early flight and ‘air-mindedness’. 

First of all, the Hendon RAF museum which includes the Royal Aero Club Collection. The Aero Club minutes are all available online.

J.W. Dunne (Wiltshire Regiment), of the Balloon Factory, Farnborough, Hants., was elected on 5 November 1907, proposed by Patrick Y. Alexander and Prof. A.K. Huntington.

Dunne was elected to the Advisory Committee on 25 April 1911, and added to the Technical Reserve Committee on 23 May 1911, the Club Ground Committee on 16 April 1912, 7 April 1914 and 17 April 1915, and the Aeroplane Manufacturers’ Sub-Committee on 16 July 1912.

An Aviator’s Certificate was granted to Capt. A.D. Carden, in a Dunne Biplane at Eastchurch, on 18 June 1912.

4 March 1913: “The Certificate of Performance to be issued to the Blair Atholl Aeroplane Syndicate Ltd. in connection with the stability tests carried out on the Dunne Bi-plane was approved.”

9 November 1915: A claim for use of the Eastchurch Flying Ground by the Admiralty was agreed. “The Secretary was instructed to obtain the sanction of Messrs. J, W. Dunne and H. White Smith respectively to the rent of £72 per annum for their sheds, before submitting the claim.”


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