This blog is dedicated to the writings of aeronautical engineer and time theorist J.W. Dunne (1875-1949). The focus is on Dunne’s writings about time and their widespread presence in popular culture.

Dunne and his influence are the subject of a new research project, Dreaming the Future, headed by Katy Price at Queen Mary, University of London, UK. The project is an experiment in how academic research and public engagement can influence each other from an early stage. Instead of conducting scholarly research and telling people about it afterwards, the aim is to talk about Dunne with as many different groups as possible, allowing these encounters to shape research questions and outputs.

Dreaming the Future seeks collaborators from all quarters. Perspectives, questions and comments on Dunne and his influence are welcomed from all readers, both within and beyond academic circles. International perspectives are especially welcome.

This project is committed to keeping an open mind about whether or not precognitive dreams are possible. The intention is not to prove or disprove Dunne’s theory, but to show that belief in dreaming the future is a rich cultural resource that is still serving readers, writers, film-makers, philosophers and psychologists today.

Genuine and fictional accounts of precognitive dreaming are welcome: please use the contact form. You may also wish to submit non-fictional accounts to Anthony Peake.

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  2. Hi, I have been working on a biography of Dunne for several years now. Then last year the Science Museum acquired his extensive archive of professional papers, from drawings of his aeroplanes to unpublished angles on Serialism. To date I have waded about half way through it. You can see some of my findings at http://www.steelpillow.com/blocki/index.html Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to know more about.

    • katyprice

      Fantastic! Thanks Guy. I am also working on a finding aid for the papers, starting from the non-aviation side. Would be wonderful to chat.

  3. @Katy, Have dropped a line to your QM email but got a form reply saying you don’t do Fridays.

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